High Speed Web Hosting: The Underlying Force Behind a Strong Web Presence

quickAsARabbitWe live in age where the quality of any business as a whole is largely determined by the quality and accessibility of its web presence. Some of the biggest Fortune 500 businesses conduct the majority of their sales via online media. We live an in era where the big-box store faced stern competition from the online mega-stores and the resulting stalemate put every businesses large and small head to head on the even playing field of the world wide web.

There are a few key factors that separate the underdogs from the heavy hitters in the online market place. Some of these are basic. Aesthetics, for instance, are the first thing consumers experience. A colorful, balanced website where ideas naturally flow into each other and links are strategically arranged can captivate browsing web traffic and generate both advertisement and sales simultaneously.

Deeper elements of design are important as well. Features like interactive JavaScript portions of the site, multimedia expositions like embedded videos and sound clips and an intricate, meticulously planned system of links that guide the user through the site and around the web to other pertinent sites are all great tools to gain web traffic, increase user product awareness and sell products.

Simple ordering systems, user feedback forums, automation, tracking, inter-site search options and quality written content are some of the most vital aspects that define the highest caliber websites.

Beneath all of these vital factors there is one underlying force that brings them all together, propels them all forward and basically glues everything together. The graphics, the media, the search results, the order forms, the content and every other hallmark of a quality website is entirely reliant on hosting speed for its quality execution.

The web user wants a quick, seamless transition from link to link, page to page, in and out of embedded media and anywhere else through the entire site. A site that has every earmark of quality but operates under a low speed host might as well have mediocre content and malfunctioning links.

The web user gets more and more frustrated, less interested and generally unimpressed during long loading times, buffering hiccups in the middle of streaming videos and blank, lifeless pages that hang over the screen during the limbo between page links.

The general trend of web demographics when confronted with long loading times and flow interruptions is to jump ship. The user will not put up with these setbacks when other websites glide smoothly through an interactive process designed to acquaint them with a business, form a relationship with that business and ideally do commerce with them.

Studies show that 20% of web users will drop out when faced with long lags. It works the opposite way as well, to the benefit of the fast=paced elements of the web. The user is stimulated, engaged and surfs with aroused attention span and general interest when the pages load quickly and painlessly.

Designers who cut corners and fail to see the importance of high-speed web hosting not only save money but save hassle as well. The hassles of having more customers, making more money and having to deal with the burdens of a rapidly growing, popular business for instance. In other words, entrepreneurs who want to make a bold statement with their website will spare no expense on the fastest web hosting. Study after study shows how the smooth, easy flow a high speed host provides enhances every aspect of a website.

When choosing the best web hosting, speed is obviously tantamount. Hosts that offer loading speed up to and around 1,000MS are the gazelles of the Internet. All of the fastest web hosting companies operate in the higher end of the spectrum


How to Find the Fastest Web Hosting Services

These days, it is more important than ever that your website loads quickly. Search engines now place lots of emphasis on loading speed as a ranking factor, due to the better user experience this provides. Most web surfers have short concentration spans. A fast loading website will lower your bounce rate and boost your conversion percentages significantly. Moreover, all websites that use VOIP, feature live data or stream media rely heavily on speed. Here are some of the best tips for locating the fastest web hosting.

Slow hosting.

Is your web hosting too slow?

There will be numerous sites sharing the server that your website is hosted on, regardless of which hosting company you use. This can negatively affect your website’s loading speed, because too many visitors on websites slow everything down. You should select a hosting company that has a small quantity of websites on each server. Also, you should ask how fast the web connection is on the host’s server. A T1 connection will suffice, however a T3 connection is quicker. Dial up connections are notoriously slow and should be avoided.

Choosing a host with the most suitable hardware is important too. To get the optimum performance within your budget, you need to consider the resource requirements of your server, and how this relates to your RAM, CPU and storage resource choices. Some of these factors might be crucial to boost the speed of your site, but others might not be required to the extent provided in a ‘one size fits all’ hosting package. While it is often necessary to increase resources to improve speed, saving cash by not paying for superfluous resources will leave you more funds to invest elsewhere.

Undoubtedly, a CDN (Content Delivery Network) service is vital to all webmasters. CDNs cache static web content and serve it from worldwide locations, based on the location of website visitors. CDNs are simple to set up and configure to streamline the delivery of content. Just by caching and delivering content locally, CDNs reduce load times and latency. CDN services like CloudFlare rank among the cheapest and most straightforward methods for speeding up your site. Always check that the host you choose imposes no restrictions on the use of these services.

One variable that has a big impact on speed is the location of your server relative to your users. Server delays will be significantly reduced, if the user and server are near to each other. This will result in responsive applications, no lag and quicker loading times for pages. This is particularly important for gaming and VOIP applications.

Numerous hosting packages, including cloud and dedicated servers, omit traffic from the advertised price. Consequently, prices are often unclear and hard to evaluate. Based on the way your hosting package is billed, bandwidth might account for a sizable percentage of your bill each month. For instance, with dedicated hosting, extra fees are charged per GB, after a relatively small amount of traffic. With cloud hosting, traffic is included in the pay per use calculations.

Often, it is fine to pay for bandwidth and traffic; however you should be aware of the applicable monthly fees. Many webmasters would regard 3TB of traffic as high volume. Certainly, this would exceed what an ‘unlimited/unmetered’ (but shared) VPS could handle. However, this is a small percentage of the maximum c30TB traffic that busy applications can encounter each month.

As well as familiarizing yourself with data transfer fees, ensure that 100Mbps of bandwidth is guaranteed for all of your servers. VPS or shared hosting (and a few cloud servers too) will not guarantee minimum speeds for bandwidth. Notwithstanding, many good hosting firms can provide a network connection of 1Gbps if required.

When searching for the fastest web hosting, you should check that any potential provider manages its’ network to reduce delays (latency) and guarantees uptime. A good provider should regularly maintain and update its’ equipment, and invest in high caliber engineers and hardware. Infrastructure is the essence of a good hosting company. Therefore, you should look beyond the price and server specs, and check that the company uses top quality fiber optic transport, switches, bandwidth providers and carrier hotels. For a list of the 40 fastest web hosts ranked by worldwide and US page load speed, visit: http://ww1.prweb.com/prfiles/2015/01/12/12438525/40fastestwebhosts.pdf.

Of course, finding the fastest web hosting should not be your sole priority. Another crucial factor to consider is the level of service provided by a hosting company, both with regards to customer support and technical dependability. Inevitably, something always goes wrong with web hosting. Consequently, you need to be confident that your chosen hosting provider will be ready to help when this occurs.

Using AN Web Hosting for Your Business


If you need business website hosting for your small business, you may not want to have a service that is too costly. Businesses that provide services may only need to have a website on the Internet and not need some of the many services that are available for website hosting such as, cloud and dedicated hosting. This is why AN Hosting is one of the highest ranked web hosting services for these types of businesses.

With AN hosting, you get the hosting you need for your business for one flat monthly fee. They also offer some of the other products that many other hosting providers offer such as security certifications, and domain registration that can come with your hosting service. You will also have access to many unlimited features that will give you the tools you need. It is also a hosting service that has data centers in a disaster free area.

The Hosting Features

When you order AN Web Hosting, you will have access to all the powerful shared website hosting services that they offer. You will be able to order these services for just 1 month, or you can order 12 to 36 months of hosting. When you order hosting for 12, 24 or 36 months, you will get a discount for the longer you contract hosting. You will also be able to have all of the features that An web hosting offers when your order one of their web hosting packaged.

What are some of the services that An web hosting offers with their website hosting services. You will have unlimited features such as emails, websites, disk space, bandwidth, sub-domains, FTP accounts, domain parking and databases. This is why AN web hosting is one of the top ranked shared website hosting providers for small businesses. You will get support for everything you need to get your website on the Internet.

The Sign Up Process

When you go to the AN Hosting Web Hosting website, there is a tab for that says hosting package. They offer shared website hosting, and there is a simple form that you will need to fill out. You will have an option to register your domain name when you are signing up for hosting. You may also enter a code for any discounts that you have for their services.

There are some good features that you can add to your website hosting services. These features include website security, and Attracta SEO tools. There are also other features available such as dedicated IP addresses and Power Boost. These features give you everything you need to enhance your website and its security.

The Benefits

The data center for AN Web Hosting is something that can help protect your business. It is a state-of-the-art data center that is located in an area that has very few natural disasters. What does this mean for your business? It means that your business data and hosting is protected from disaster, and that it is hosted in a data center that is safe and secure.

The data center is not only a safe place for you to store business data. It is also a Tier-3 data center that has all of the latest industry technologies. The hosting services are located in the C7 data centers, which has all the latest technologies and multiple network carriers. This offers your business security, as well as redundancy with your website hosting.

An Overview

For small businesses, there is often a need for simple hosting solutions. This is exactly what AN web hosting provides for their customers. They have grown from a basement operation to a global brand that provides simple hosting solutions for businesses around the world. It is one of the top ranked website hosting providers for small businesses that use shared website hosting for their business.

If you need to have reliable website hosting for your business, AN Hosting will provide you with everything you need. It is an affordable website hosting provider with all the services that you need for your business website hosting. With your website hosting located at a tier 3 data center, your business data will also be safe from disasters. It is one of the best hosting plans that you will be able to find for your small business web hosting needs.

Cheap, Yet Reliable Web Hosting Services


Web hosting services enable people to launch their websites on the Internet, without having to worry about the technical responsibilities, or the infrastructure needed to get the site online. Be it a personal website, blog, an e-commerce site, or professional sites that interact with databases and underlying scripts – it is quite easy to locate a suitable web hosting plan to meet specific hosting requirements. There is a multitude of both free and paid web hosting services that cater to diverse needs; however, select features may not be available when free services are availed. On the other hand, shopping around for web hosting services and opting for the cheapest website hosting plan will prove beneficial for micro sites.

Even the cheapest website hosting plan will offer basic features needed to update and maintain a website. There are different types of hosting plans that include shared, dedicated, and virtual private hosting. Shared hosting is an ideal and popular option for personal websites and small businesses, where they can share the server space and bandwidth with several other websites located on the same server. Dedicated and private servers are more suitable for larger websites with complex features. It is important to note that a cheap or cheapest website hosting plan does not really mean poor quality hosting. The word ‘cheap’ itself is pretty relative, given the size of the website, and the space and features needed to manage the site.

What To Look For In A Web Hosting Service

Apart from comparing the prices to determine the cheapest website hosting plan, it is important to look for a few other features that really matter, especially in case of business websites.


Hosting services must offer intuitive graphical user interfaces to enable website owners manage their sites. This is especially mandatory for those who are not that tech-savvy.


The hosting services must be reliable; in the sense, they should be available throughout the day, enabling the site to be accessible on the Internet 24×7. Zero downtime is the ideal requirement; however, 99.99 % availability ensures that businesses do not suffer any major loss, in case the site goes offline.

Technical Support

Service providers should offer technical support throughout the day, as they help address any technical issues almost instantly. Most hosting service providers offer 24×7 technical support services, apart from featuring comprehensive information in the form of user guides, tutorials, and video instructions. User forums help seek assistance and share information with other website owners using hosting services from the same company.

Suitable Hosting Plan

Hosting plans or packages offer a fixed disk space, bandwidth, domains, features, and select services for a specific monthly subscription fee. Domain name registration is usually done free of cost. Registering additional domains, however, incurs a fixed fee. Hosting plans also include free email accounts.

Small websites can, in fact, survive on limited bandwidth and disk space to start off with. Opting for a hosting service provider offering several hosting plans will make it easier for businesses to scale up to a higher plan on a need basis, without having to switch to another service provider.


CPanel interfaces are usually offered by most service providers. Free email accounts, secure shell (SSH) access to prevent loss of business and personal information, unlimited FTP accounts, one-click installations, software to build websites, support for MYSQL databases, scripts and programming languages, cron jobs, etc. are also available as part of the cheapest website hosting plans.

The need for features, disk space, and bandwidth tends to vary from one business to another. While unlimited bandwidth is not really feasible, unlimited disk space often proves useless for small sites. It is essential for website owners to choose an appropriate hosting plan that suits their needs and budgets.

Domain name renewal fees, cancellation charges and penalties for overuse of bandwidth and disk space, etc. are other expenses related to website hosting.

It is important to compare hosting plans across several hosting service provider to pick the best, yet cheapest website hosting plan.

iPage offers website hosting plans starting at $1.99, while hosting plans at Just Host are priced from $2.95. Yahoo Web Hosting is available from $2.27. Hosting plans from WebHostingPad and 1&1 start at $1.99, and those from Netfirms are priced from $2.49. Click for additional information on low-cost hosting services pricing, features, BBB ratings, etc.

Most of these plans have no setup fees. For convenience, website owners can check out the features offered before signing up for the services.