How to Find the Fastest Web Hosting Services

These days, it is more important than ever that your website loads quickly. Search engines now place lots of emphasis on loading speed as a ranking factor, due to the better user experience this provides. Most web surfers have short concentration spans. A fast loading website will lower your bounce rate and boost your conversion percentages significantly. Moreover, all websites that use VOIP, feature live data or stream media rely heavily on speed. Here are some of the best tips for locating the fastest web hosting.

Slow hosting.

Is your web hosting too slow?

There will be numerous sites sharing the server that your website is hosted on, regardless of which hosting company you use. This can negatively affect your website’s loading speed, because too many visitors on websites slow everything down. You should select a hosting company that has a small quantity of websites on each server. Also, you should ask how fast the web connection is on the host’s server. A T1 connection will suffice, however a T3 connection is quicker. Dial up connections are notoriously slow and should be avoided.

Choosing a host with the most suitable hardware is important too. To get the optimum performance within your budget, you need to consider the resource requirements of your server, and how this relates to your RAM, CPU and storage resource choices. Some of these factors might be crucial to boost the speed of your site, but others might not be required to the extent provided in a ‘one size fits all’ hosting package. While it is often necessary to increase resources to improve speed, saving cash by not paying for superfluous resources will leave you more funds to invest elsewhere.

Undoubtedly, a CDN (Content Delivery Network) service is vital to all webmasters. CDNs cache static web content and serve it from worldwide locations, based on the location of website visitors. CDNs are simple to set up and configure to streamline the delivery of content. Just by caching and delivering content locally, CDNs reduce load times and latency. CDN services like CloudFlare rank among the cheapest and most straightforward methods for speeding up your site. Always check that the host you choose imposes no restrictions on the use of these services.

One variable that has a big impact on speed is the location of your server relative to your users. Server delays will be significantly reduced, if the user and server are near to each other. This will result in responsive applications, no lag and quicker loading times for pages. This is particularly important for gaming and VOIP applications.

Numerous hosting packages, including cloud and dedicated servers, omit traffic from the advertised price. Consequently, prices are often unclear and hard to evaluate. Based on the way your hosting package is billed, bandwidth might account for a sizable percentage of your bill each month. For instance, with dedicated hosting, extra fees are charged per GB, after a relatively small amount of traffic. With cloud hosting, traffic is included in the pay per use calculations.

Often, it is fine to pay for bandwidth and traffic; however you should be aware of the applicable monthly fees. Many webmasters would regard 3TB of traffic as high volume. Certainly, this would exceed what an ‘unlimited/unmetered’ (but shared) VPS could handle. However, this is a small percentage of the maximum c30TB traffic that busy applications can encounter each month.

As well as familiarizing yourself with data transfer fees, ensure that 100Mbps of bandwidth is guaranteed for all of your servers. VPS or shared hosting (and a few cloud servers too) will not guarantee minimum speeds for bandwidth. Notwithstanding, many good hosting firms can provide a network connection of 1Gbps if required.

When searching for the fastest web hosting, you should check that any potential provider manages its’ network to reduce delays (latency) and guarantees uptime. A good provider should regularly maintain and update its’ equipment, and invest in high caliber engineers and hardware. Infrastructure is the essence of a good hosting company. Therefore, you should look beyond the price and server specs, and check that the company uses top quality fiber optic transport, switches, bandwidth providers and carrier hotels. For a list of the 40 fastest web hosts ranked by worldwide and US page load speed, visit:

Of course, finding the fastest web hosting should not be your sole priority. Another crucial factor to consider is the level of service provided by a hosting company, both with regards to customer support and technical dependability. Inevitably, something always goes wrong with web hosting. Consequently, you need to be confident that your chosen hosting provider will be ready to help when this occurs.

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